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Alphabet Printables

I created these Weather themed pages by hand. Everything is hand-drawn and colored, but because of all of the work I put into them, I figured I would share them with everyone else! I laminated my pages and will cut out the pictures. You can do so many thing with these! Practice Capital and Lowercase… Continue reading Alphabet Printables


Earth Week

Although I am one that thinks “Everyday Is Earth Day”, I took advantage of the actual Earth Day (April 22) To teach the kids about keeping our Earth clean and why it is so important. Here are some of the activities that we did during Earth Week!


EggStra Eggs

Easter has been over for 1 week now. If your kids are anything like mine, they wanted to decorate DOZENS of eggs for Easter. Which leaves you with DOZENS of Boiled Eggs. What do you do with all of these boiled eggs?? It starts off easy eating 1 a day, but gets old quick… Have… Continue reading EggStra Eggs


Leftover Peeps?

There are 2 types of people in the world. People that LOVE peeps and people that HATE peeps. I am the latter. I bought a couple packages of peeps this year 1. because the kids love them, and 2. because there are a lot of fun science experiments you can do with peeps! (See my… Continue reading Leftover Peeps?


Fermented Chicken Feed

We have 20 chickens here on our property. 17 hens. Right now in the summer months, we are getting 12-15 eggs a day. Which is AMAZING! But over the winter months, it dropped down to 5 per day. Not good.   We tried a lot of tricks, but I have found that only 1 thing REALLY… Continue reading Fermented Chicken Feed


Sourdough Heaven

I was really feeling in the mood for some homemade bread recently.  But not just a basic, plain bread.  I wanted a sourdough bread. I haven’t made a Sourdough Bread since I attended culinary school. So I needed to do some research! I found a Sourdough Starter that was easy and non-fussy. Which ended up… Continue reading Sourdough Heaven

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Easter Fun!

Easter has come and gone and I never got a chance to post all of our fun! Here is a quick glance at our week and weekend! Started off with Bunny Pancakes! Egg Toss Painting! We did some Peep experiments: Glow-in-the-dark Egg Hunt! Decorating Eggs with Shaving Cream.     Stacking Easter Eggs   Homemade… Continue reading Easter Fun!